Life Story…

This page is dedicated to my life story. I anticipate that this will either be the most, or the least read page on my site. If you are interested, I will be posting a new story any time I am in the mood. My intent is for this to become a memoir of sorts, that I continue to add to over time. I am also relatively sure that I will get on certain topics, and just rant forever and ever…

 I plan to build sub-sites for different phases of my life, starting from the earliest I can remember. My earliest memory is as a three year old in Just Children pre-school in Trevose, PA. I have a very odd memory for some things, and I am sure I have blocked out others. I also intend to omit or change many people’s names, as I believe that while this is MY story, others may not want their own involvement in it all over the internet. I hope you enjoy, or at the least find this interesting in some way…


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