The Early Days

I think a lot about the early days of my Geek Squad life. I joined The Geek Squad at the very end of the national roll-out into Best Buy stores. I was trained, as I have written about, by an Agent who was hired by the founder of the company. I also moved to a new store at that time, and had to re-acclimate to an entirely new culture in that new store. I remember struggling to get all of the Agents their correct uniforms, and educate them what was acceptable, and what was not to wear as part of that uniform. I remember new prices, and trying to break many people’s mental model about the ‘techs’ in the store. For the longest time, that department was the red-headed stepchild of the store, always looked at for causing issues, and not making any money. We were dead set on changing that perception, and it wasn’t always easy.

The first week of my life as a Double Agent with The Geek Squad, I remember having 4 service calls, tops. One very early on reminds me of why I became intent to make this new brand succeed. I was hanging out in my Precinct, little else to do but help some of the Agents with suspects that they were working on. One of the sales associates who had taken to me and the brand very quickly, fielded a call from a perspective client, as the stores do very often. I guess I had sparked his interest enough, that after listening to her issue for a few moments, he felt compelled to transfer her to me. I determined that it sounded as if the hard drive in her laptop was going bad, and I offered to come out right away and have a look for her. In those days, open time and same day appointments were very common. Less than 30 minutes after she called the store, I was at her doorstep, eager to assist her with her issues. My thoughts were confirmed, and the hard drive was dead. I offered to replace it, and re-install the Operating System for her, and due to the cost and the age of the machine, she decided it was better for her to purchase a new PC.

After collecting a simple diagnostic fee, and showing her some models that were available at Best Buy on the Internet, she decided she would follow me back to the store, and make the purchase today, so that her home based business could stay up and running. When we got back to the store, I introduced her to that same sales associate, and her experience was complete. All in less than 2 hours, her nightmare had been ended, and her business was up and running once again. In all of the frustration of the early days of The Geek Squad in Best Buy, it was these glimmers of world saving that kept me, and I am sure a lot of other Agents going every day. This is what we were here to do, serve the public, police technology, and protect the world. At first, I may have thought it was shtick, but I was realizing very quickly that we really could impact the lives of the general public, with simple customer service, and a little know-how.


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