My 1st Service Call

The first thing that comes to my mind in regards to my history with The Geek Squad, is my first service call ever. I remember it vividly, to the point I can even picture the street, and the client’s home in my mind. (I have a semi-photographic memory)

Geek Squad was slated to launch or ‘roll out’ on Monday, July 26th, 2004. I had recently completed a week of training with Special Agent #37, Erich. I joined my new Precinct on the day prior, July 25th. We had a ‘morning meeting’ with all of the Geek Squad Agents, and PC Sales Associates to teach Geek Squad, and what we planned to do. I traveled to my new store with an energy that I had seldom felt at that time, and that I would come to feel many more times after. I was renewed, and felt as if I was preparing to take on the world.

I arrived, and was greeted by one of the store’s Sales Managers, who immediately informed me that I had a flat tire. First impression, not so good… So my first task as a Geek Squad Double Agent, was to get a tire fixed. He used a can of fix-a-flat that he had, and I was able to drive to a nearby tire service location. Unfortunately, since I had used the aforementioned fix-a-flat, the tire was now un-repairable. The good news was that I had a full sized spare in the trunk, with the same rim. The tire center installed it, and placed the flat in my trunk, not to be thought of for about 2 years….

I made it back to my store, anticipating to spend my day meeting my new co-workers, finding my way around the new store, and stocking my GeekMobile with the necessary supplies. Around 1:15 PM, I received a call from Geek Squad Guidance, asking me why I was not at my 11:30 AM appointment. Remember, it was Sunday, and we were not scheduled to actually begin performing service calls until Monday. So imagine my surprise to learn that I had an appointment that I was nearly two hours late for. I took all of the information from the Guidance Engineer, and I was on my way! Or was I?

I realized as I prepared to venture across the bridge into Philadelphia, that I had forgotten my wallet. I had no money to pay the tolls across the bridge. I informed my PC Area Manager of this, and he was kind enough to lend me his debit card and pin number, so that I could take out cash, and pay my way. Once I had the cash, I attempted to find my way through an area that is termed the ‘badlands’ in west Philadelphia. It would be an understatement to say that a 19 year old white man in a black and white VW beetle with the ‘Geek Squad’ logo on the side, does NOT fit into this neighborhood. I made my way to the client’s home, and nervously knocked on their door. When they came to the door and I introduced myself as “Double Agent Meade with The Geek Squad” it was as if I breathed new life into my soul. I had found my purpose in life.

The client’s issue was bothering her for some time. She had two brand new DELL laptops, and Verizon DSL. She was attempting to put both of her laptops on wireless internet in her home. I discovered that she was trying to do this for a matter of a few weeks, and was entirely unsuccessful. She had called Verizon, Linksys, DELL, and with all of them, had found no real help. The client’s eventual issue? The wireless switches were turned off on both of her PCs!! All I had to do was flip the switches, and then configure the network for security, and her day was made!! The simple knowledge that I had, along with my ability to come to her home, and solve the issue for her, made me realize once and for all that this was the job for me. I was as close to a hero as I would ever get in my life. After leaving this service call, I recall calling multiple district staff members, and of course, my mom, because I was so happy with what I did. THAT is what The Geek Squad has always meant to me, from day one.


One Comment on “My 1st Service Call”

  1. Agent Booker Says:

    7-27-04 was my first call and man I will never forget that one…… my first call was crazy….. Anyways what up?

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