About Agent 793.com

This blog is something new to me. My name is Justin Meade, and I am a Deputy of Counter Intelligence with The Geek Squad. I work at the largest PC Repair facility in the world, Geek Squad City. This is however located in Bullitt County, Kentucky:(  I have setup a few pages that I will be editing often, as well as linking to those posts from this page when I remember to. The purpose of this site is multi-dimentional.

 I intend to tell my story, to anyone who may want to listen. If no one does, that’s fine with me. I just feel as if I need to tell it, and this is the time to begin doing so. I have pages dedicated to ‘Life Story’, ‘Personal’, and ‘Geek Squad’. Of course many of these things will intertwine, and relate to each other, but the intent of seperating them is so that I may differentiate between work matters, and things of general life.

 If all goes well, and I learn how to manage the site and work with it, and as long as I have time to post and update the pages, I plan to do so pretty often. Every day I always seem to have some ‘down-time’, so this should not be an issue. Finally, if you like, hate, or just want to comment on what you see, please feel free to add a comment or email me at agent793@insightbb.com.


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