24 Hours

The title could mean just about anything right? To me as of about 5 minutes ago, it means 24 hours without a cigarette. I have been taking a new prescription called Chantix to help me stop smoking. The little pill is quite amazing in that somehow it changes how the cigarette tastes, and makes it undesirable. The first week you gradually increase the dosage, and can continue to smoke while taking it. I found myself several times smoking 1/2 the cigarette, or taking a couple of drags, and putting it out for fact of the foul taste. I smoked the last of a pack last night around 1 AM, and since I had only one day left in the week anyway, figured it made no sense to buy a pack for just one day. See, once you hit the second week and double the dose, the package says these pills in combination with cigarettes can do some weird shit to you.

I kept myself pretty busy today with things around the house. I vacuumed the entire apartment, put away clean dishes and took out all of the trash. I also rented a couple of movies, watched some college football and played a little bit of Guitar Hero III. The cravings are there, at the ‘scheduled’ times when it was a routine to smoke a cigarette. After I eat and now late at night before bed I find to be the most difficult times. I know this pales in comparison to what I will go through Tuesday night when I begin my venture home to Philly for the Thanksgiving weekend and my sister’s birthday. I’ll be in my car for 12 hours over night, and not be able to smoke. It will be quite a challenge for sure, but if I am going to begin to make positive change in my life, it has to happen.

 On the lighter side of things, my recent doctor’s appointment yielded relatively positive results in the form of my blood tests. Apparently even though I am 100 pounds overweight, my cholesterol is normal, my blood pressure is only slightly elevated, and my blood sugar is low. The only thing I can attribute this to is the fact that I don’t typically eat a lot of junk food, no candy or cookies really, and that I am only 22. Being only 22, I know if I do not make life-style changes now, 32 might be pushing my luck….

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