Very cool experience…

I had perhaps one of the coolest experiences of my career today, on a Saturday of all days. I was asked this week to participate in a Back to School fair at Trinity Life Center in Shepherdsville, KY. ( Apparently there are a few of the citizens at Geek Squad City whom are members of this church, and asked if The Geek Squad could send a contingent to this event to help talk about internet safety with parents and kids.

Several pieces of this event make it unique and exciting to me. The kids were great, the parents were receptive and all were very involved and interested in our message. The staff at TLC was warm and accomodating, even letting us bring Geek 19 into their sanctuary and use it as our booth for the event. Even though this was an on the clock work event, it was even more valuable because it was incredibly rewarding to take part in giving back to the community that I have called home for the past year.

On the Geek Squad side, this day was very fun for me, because I was honored to have the responsibility of caring for Geek 19, the GeekMobileĀ® that was the personal vehicle of our founder and Chief Inspector, Robert Stephens. It was challenging for me, having been a novice driver of a manual transmission at the best, and realizing that if I returned the vehicle unharmed, I would likely be allowed to drive it again. If I damaged the vehicle, I would likely be asked to turn in my badge….

This is one of those moments in your career when you re-focus on why you are doing what you are doing. The pride in the brand, the customer service and community focus that we have. That is what it’s all about…

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3 Comments on “Very cool experience…”

  1. DCI Henseler Says:

    Very cool stuff! Such pride in the brand, every Agent should hear your words, Agent Meade! The Chief Inspector was supposed to visit Precinct 489 last Monday, but apparently was unable to make it to my Precinct. Not sure why he was in town, but he was visiting some of the Indy Project Xerox stores and a few local Core stores.

  2. dcimeade Says:

    I have met the man on multiple ocassions and I must say, it can be an awe inspiring event. He was at Geek Squad City for our Grand Opening, and once before that very incognito, just walked around and shook the hand of every Agent on the floor.

  3. TJ Says:

    Hello Agent 793. I ran across your blog doing a google search for links to my own church. It was a joy having you and “Geek 19” at our church as we worked together to share some love with the kids of Bullitt County.

    Geek 19 was the first actual “Car” we’ve had in the sanctuary of TLC. We’ve had motorcyles, a big John Deere Tractor, and of course big scissor-lifts in there. Thanks for helping us with another first!

    Do you have any pictures of the car in our sanctuary? I couldn’t find anyone at the church who took any. I’d love to have a copy if you do.

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