California Fun

What can I say? Tonight was outstanding. We fired up the GPS, and headed out from our hotel in Anaheim towards Laguna Beach. We had reservations at this place called The Beach House, which literally sits on the edge of Laguna Beach. Amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and all of the amazing bodies that walk up and down that beach!!

The food was outstanding, clams for an appetizer, along with White Zinfandel. I had quite likely the most tender, juicy prime rib steak that has ever graced this earth. Key lime cheesecake was the choice for desert, along with what they called ‘Laguna Coffee’ which was a mix of Kahlua, Bailey’s, and coffee I guess. The service was more than outstanding, and after tip for two people, the bill came out to almost $150! I must say that it was more than worth the 45 minute drive, which was also breathtaking, and the almost two hours at the restaurant. Very possibly the best meal I have had in my adult life.

Once we left, rather than plan out our destination, we decided to simple get on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and go North. We drive for about a half an hour before we came to Huntington Beach, and made it on the state controlled beach just before the gates were closed for the night. Walked down and dipped our feet into the Pacific Ocean, and then just hung out on the beach for an hour, discussing the things that are life. Work, women, and the general challenges that we face. Alex and I are both very advanced in our careers, and having gone to the same school and shop, and generally traveled the same path in life, we have a lot to talk about. Smoked a few cigarettes on the beach, until we were chased off the beach by the Beach Patrol. Back to our KIA, and back onto PCH once again, we made it back to the hotel within about a half an hour.

Right now I am lounging in the hotel, drinking my 3rd or 4th Corona, and deciding between taking a shit or going down to smoke a cigarette….ahh, the decisions in life…

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