@ Cali!!

So I made the trip out to Anaheim California yesterday. Probably the longest day of my life. When you travel across three time zones, of course you gain 3 hours in your day. 27 hour days FTL…

Left Louisville @ 7AM, landed in Minneapolis for like an hour, then flew straight to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA. Met up with my boy Alex from PA, hopped in his rental (KIA, lol) and off to the hotel. We are staying at the Desert Palms Hotel (www.desertpalmshotel.com) which is across the street from the Anaheim Convention Center where he is attending Cisco Networkers Live! this week for his work. I am just tagging along, and am loving the scenery this far.

After crashing hardcore yesterday afternoon, we went out looking for grub and went to Hooters of Anaheim. The quality of women there cannot be equalled by any Hooters in PA or Louisville, hands down the hottest gathering of clothed women I have ever been party to. Came back to the hotel, had a few more drinks and passed out after that.

This morning we got up and went to Disneyland, which we waked to from the hotel. Very nice scenery all around. We were basically just lounging around, went on a bunch of rides in California Adventure, and killed 5 or 6 hours checking out women and enjoying the beautiful day.

I made reservations for later tonight at a restaurant on Laguna Beach. Might be a 45 minute drive, but its fucking Laguna Beach…we have to go…

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