My weekend…

I wish there were tales of grandeur and mischief to tell about my weekend. Truthfully, there are rarely more than tales of TV, the grocery store and laundry to reminisce about. This weekend was not much different. Friday night, I treated myself to Pizza and some beer, to wear off the long week. Saturday, as always, I slept in, and accomplished little more than some cleaning around the apartment. Saturday night, I spent with the kids of a friend of mine, while he and his wife went out to a concert. Not that I dislike that activity, these kids are actually quite fun to hang out with. I do feel however that at 22, I should be having more ‘fun’ than that. Got home from there late last night, and didn’t get to bed until 3:30. Slept in again, of course today and had a rather productive day. I made it to Home Depot, Burger King, Great Clips, and Kroger, before returning home to my Sunday ritual. NASCAR on TV, clothes in the washing machine, and snacking myself to death. I did discover (well, I guess not so much discover) a new drink today that I think I will like. I picked up a few bottles of Vitamin Water from Kroger, looking for something other than soda to be drinking all of the time. My hope is that if I enjoy it enough, I can make it part of my future regimen to lose some weight, and re-tone some muscles. Here’s hoping…

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